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Cheerio Comrade
Offender's Name & Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:111650848 Comrade Goldman

Potential Witnesses: Deathstar, 

Reason to Ban: Hacking
Proof:    Video is uploading but will be at this link when done

Other: (Optional) Also had a round and then a map gag for mic spamming.

[Donor]*DEAD* Silverwolf9k: 'pixies pickle'
[Member]Epicpotato421: pixie how big is ur pickle
[Moderator]*DEAD* Lt_Deathstar: owo
[Donor]*DEAD* augmENTreality2: king size
[Image: 5a5bec1b162f9c5913f73c4f6cbfb04b.png]
[gBan] Lt_Deathstar has banned Comrade Goldman - Duration: Indefinitely! (Hacking)
Ex TTT Mod Dec 14, 2019-Dec 14, 2019
Ex PH Mod April 14, 2019-January 20, 2020

Know who to trust

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