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DR Map removal mega thread.
Basically the entire point of this thread is to note down which maps are unfit for DR. The reasons can vary from bad spawns to exploits. I will give a minor template below.

Map name: -insert map name here-

Reason(s) for removal: -insert reason here-

Map Name: Deathrun_deluxe_beta. 

Reason(s) for removal: The map spawns are bad. death and the runners spawn in the same area of the map thus turning the game into dm.
Map name: deathrun_olympian
reason: easily exploitable from both deaths and runners even without jump pack. buggy textures

reason: deaths+runners spawn in the same area

reason: runners can get into the death area
"lets fuck lycan" -Starky
map name: ale-tech_css

Reason: well its a good map however a few spawn points need to be fixed. if they can't be then remove the map. U spawn at so far 2 points you cannot move.

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