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Donations toward TTT and PH give smaller perks on less popular servers
I think it would be a great promotion to try to get players on the other servers   specially DR

If someone pays for a rank on TTT  Why not throw them some (reduced) points for the servers they don't play on.  Perhaps it would spark some interest of the other servers.
Like donor on ttt gets 20k points and 500 premium points right now

Why not toss some points for them on DR or darkrp  something like  5000 / 100

Lets get some of our TTT and PH players interested in the other servers.
They might just log on and see what those points could buy and perhaps stay a while.
This is a great idea, esp on TTT with the mass amount of players it gets.
As always, Fish gives great ideas, and helps us bunches. This would help sway the players to try other gamemodes (even if just a small portion, or even one player).
Pandas are cute as hell, don't you forget that.

[Image: x1iAjZQ.gif]

[Image: 76561198228770820.png]
Do the damn ting
Love this concept! We should definitely make the portal between servers more out there and known! I usually TTT but will try out the other servers!
This is a great idea. I'll likely implement this soon.

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