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First time for everything!
Hey Starling, I would love to see you on the team. You have been around quite a while and have good activity levels. You are always helpful and know the rules well. You've alerted myself and other staff when issues arise or have handled it yourself when no one is available. You keep calm and deal with situations appropriately. 

You have a couple of ban requests up both of which resulted in bans, and have also provided evidence for others when situations have some up so that is a good start and you clearly know what our procedures are. We are always here to help too if you are not sure. 

+1 from me 

Good luck
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(02-13-2020, 12:36 AM)§4Zack Wrote: Starling, you're really Active when you can be you know all the rules, you met all the requirements
However I would like to see some ban request  at the very least to build up your skill set and to show staff your here to help.
You may want to check someone's thread history before saying they need ban requests, as Starling has a couple already. Just saying. 

Starling, I think you will make a great addition to the staff team. When playing with you, you are quick to let me know of any situations going on, and know when to help and when to let staff handle things. You don't escalate bad situations when they are happening. You've got quite a bit of time on server, and are familiar with the rules. 
Your forum activity is low, but that can be improved. Thanks for applying!

+1 from me
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I think Star would make a great staff, she follows the rules and doesn't abuse her powers. She is always wanting to make others feel welcomed rather than ignored. Every time I play with her it has always been a great experience. 


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Starling would make a great fit to staff - she's a really chill gal and is a lot of fun to play with. Knows the rules very well and is always keen to help people out and make them feel welcome.

+1 from a former Starling Cult Member!

+1 is attentive

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