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Forum Rules
These are the rules of the forum. They may be changed or adapted as needed by the admins. 

Do not necro old threads.
Do not revive threads that have run their course. If a thread has been dormant for more than a few weeks and is not an active suggestions thread or the missing ranks thread, it will be considered a necro to post in them. If the topic needs to be revisited after an extended time, create a new thread. Likewise do not revive archived threads, as these should be locked by a moderator. Necroing will receive a warning, which may stack and lead to the ban of the account.

Do not spam or shitpost.
Do not repost the same thread or reply to a thread with the intention of cluttering space or derailing a topic. Do not repeatedly pm members or staff for the same reason or for seeking help on a topic, there is likely an appropriate forum section to ask in. Do not post in important sections without proper form and reason. For example, do not post fake applications or ban requests with not format or proof. A shitposting section was created for joke threads that will not clutter the forums. These posts will be deleted, warned, and may lead to the ban of the account in serious situations. 

Post in the appropriate section.
Keep topics in their respective areas. Prophunt matters stay in the Prophunt section, and so on for the other servers and discord. Topics related to general discussion or directed to the community as a whole have their own sections as well. Post in the proper area for applications and ban requests, do not pot in the archives as staff will miss them. Additionally, if the section calls for a particular format post as directed or else the thread may not be considered appropriate. Post maybe be moved or deleted and warned depending on the topic.

Do not flame or harass members.
Targeting or harassing members on the forums will not be tolerated. Posts or threads designed to openly insult or harass another member will be deleted and the offending account will be warned or potentially removed based on the seriousness of the post. 
Additionally, do not post private or sensitive information of another player. The content will be immediately removed along with the offending account. 

Do not post inappropriate content or links.
Do not provide links to other communities or attempt to self promote a community or business. All advertisement will be removed and warned.
Links to pornographic material or intending capture a member's account or information will be removed along with the permanent ban of the account. The same goes for such links or images in signatures.
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    This is Dinkleberg's GMod, a gaming community based in Garry's Mod. We have a Trouble in Terrorist Town, and Prop Hunt Server. Come check them out sometime.