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Offender's Name: Hani

Offender's SteamID: no clue but you should have it 

Offender's Rank: Admin 

What They Did: Multiple instances of member harassment; as well as making members feel inferior. Not only that but also rdm after punishing me for killing 2 traitors as a detective, and other members said in chat she is a known rdmer. 

When They Did It: 12/16/2019 6-8 pm est. 

Potential Witnesses: treezy, spaceship, and sal.

Proof: Ej was arguing with her saying you rdm me 2x and Jesus Christ seen it but took her side bc she is a female and scared to get banned.

Other: She called me a retard and said she can do what she wants. 
good proof you got here
[Image: ez6anzMsTsOig1CuQzhf_Q.png][Image: 83AC9406D35B2C5AC6A969C5979AEDFD7A42291E]
Alright. So here's what went down.

hunnithinson basically Mass RDM'd. While trying to explain to him why he did it, his reasons were that he claimed a Territory and that they shouldn't have reported because they were traitors. We basically gave em the run down that you can't claim till OT, and that it didn't matter if they were a Traitor. RDM is RDM.

He was given the choice to serve the slays, or receive a Perma. Went about calling Hani a bitch, but still received slays. You at that point were on thin ice, and were asked not to bring it back up. You then went about RDM & Leaving, in which resulted in your ban. In all honesty, this probably should of been a Permaban, so you're quite lucky honestly.

The ban was justified, and there is no reason I think it needs to be removed, let alone adjusted at this time.

-1 [
If you have any questions regarding the server rules or anything else, send me a forum PM.
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[Image: 1199184.png]
Wow I'm convinced. @Gabe please demote this girl hani truly abusing this person oh my god. What? Proof? nahhhh who needs it
[Image: b_560x95.png]
Also want to point out you were trying to evade the gag and mute on you cause you wouldn't stop arguing.
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Know who to trust
So deserved a perma based on rules....she let you take the slays argued anyways and then rdmed and left....seems to me like you actually got less then you deserved.
[Image: f7503c6e8b.png]
To preface, this started because right when you tried claiming within 3 seconds of the round beginning, I said you're not allowed to claim until overtime. You ignored me and killed 3 people. You also lied saying Jesus Christ shot you but he didn't as I already looked at and handled the reports. Since old logs don't work, and I didn't expect you to continuously argue, I don't have that screenshot.

Now enjoy my collection of screenshots
he still has more proof than you js  lol
Instead of making baseless reports with no evidence, you can appeal your justified ban under ttt unban requests. No proof= no action
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