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I'll Be Back
So this has been coming for awhile, and as it's been pointed out to me, I need a break.  I know I've been inactive as hell lately on server, but never really took a break from staff things on the forums/discord/etc.  Life is crazy right now and work is busier than ever (shockingly).  There's a large project coming up in May that I'm involved with that's going to take up a LOT of my time.  All of the extra stress right now is exhausting and putting me in a position where I struggle being around people and can't focus on things. So I'm taking a break; you can still message me on discord, and I'll still be around but on limited terms for a bit (I'm sorry Nicol to put you in this position you can still message me and ask questions as you need and I'll try to be proactive on that).  I love you all and will be back when I can.
Take care Avi, it’s understandable with the times were in. Hope things in life go well and hope to see you back soon.
so you're giving us the O.K. to bully nicol instead of you, got it.
gl with your shit.
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Take care avi we'll try not to blow ttt up while ur gone
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Take good care of yourself Avi. I know I sound like a grandma when I said that but I am only saying that is because of the Coronavirus.
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Being inactive just comes with the role of admin....jk xD Enjoy the break come back when ur ready too Big Grin
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Hope for the best. See ya.
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You go have a rest bud, no promises on fires when you come back Big Grin
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Stay safe!!!
Do take care of yourself Avi  Heart Heart
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