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I said I'd do this
I'm gonna stay neutral, you seem like a decent player and could POSSIBLY be a decent trusted, but the stituations you've been in are kind of toxic

[Image: IjtBjJs.png]


this was really bad timing.
(01-14-2020, 06:18 PM)Evee Wrote:
(01-14-2020, 10:32 AM)Rhienor Wrote:
(01-13-2020, 11:27 PM)Evee Wrote: I have read the entirety of the !motd and remember it very well and I think I could be helpful to the Dinkleberg ttt staff :3

Hey there, I had an experience with you in December that made me doubt your knowledge of the rules. Maybe you've improved since then? Who knows.

[Image: kVPBIIB.png]

[Image: Ryl417e.png]

[Image: 08hqtQV.png]

I don't really want someone who is either aware of the rules and doesn't care (your recent ban) or someone who doesn't know the rules and doesn't care (could've fact checked before falsely assuming superiority) to be staff. 

Thank you for your feedback I have a better understanding of the motd now and I'm sorry for the trouble.

(01-14-2020, 12:48 PM)daeganislegit Wrote: Evee you are not ready at all in my opinion, even though I'm barely on I see stuff and see what you do, I also was on after a couple of months and you still are as stubborn when it comes to ttt. Your targeting needs to stop, you  are horrible when it comes to trolls worse than i was before I was trusted, all you do is pour fuel on fire and make the trolls become more annoying. You always have to find a reason to get someone slain or banned even if you just don't include stuff in reports. All I have to say is grow up, not including evidence in reports just to get them banned is jus plain petty.  Be nicer to people in reports too just saying. In summary for me grow up, mature and act your age
Thanks for the feedback. I would like to point out, however, that in the time where we were both online often was awhile ago when I was still being a constant troll and rdming. I feel I've matured a lot more since then and I really do want to be better.
For me evee you need to atleast wait 2 months or 3 because I have seen things that you have done in the past week and this month. It's great you wanna be mature but maturity dosn't happen in 3 days. I was like you evee I wanted staff, but I was not mature it took me a year to get trusted so thats 6 tries. I'm not saying apply 6 times then I will +1 what I'm saying is over that year I learned to be mature and responsible for my actions and to admit when I'm wrong, so back to the maturity I believe you could mature in maybe 3 or 4 months so if this gets denied don't be upset and work hard on being responsible
[Image: q0SdkAI6QPaeF9Oi-uqjbA.png]

[Image: NcxeGyl-THSvKxgssH34Pg.png]
-1  while i don't really have any issues with you personally, i definitely don't think you're ready for staff at this moment.

while im going to ignore everything about ceebeast, here is stuff i have noticed when i was on,

just the other day, you get angry over a slay i had given you, and you decided to kick yourself, leaving an angry message shortly after you were slain. leaving me to believe you still have a temper issue.

other than that, at least a month ago, there were other instances of you getting mad, kicking yourself as if it were a cycle.
not to mention other cases where you egged on trolls and even told someone who was getting karmabanned for a mass to:
[Image: hl2_IJ9qpoDqPL.png]

kick/leave; same thing. Definitely not something a staff member should be saying. staff are meant to enforce the rules, not bend them.

there have been mentions of you rdming when the server had no staff on, to this i have no actual evidence mainly just hearsay, but this was mentioned multiple times before.

i might come off trying to sound biased, but im not trying to be. all im saying is that right now, i don't think there has been enough time for me to believe you might make it as a trusted.
[Image: 20191018_130512.jpg]
I saw this thread and didn't want to post a reply as I thought it may seem biased based on our interactions. After seeing many people comment on it, I decided to post from a completely objective standpoint.

-1 I have noticed that people either really like you as a player or really dislike you as a player. I believe that you have read the !motd and are familiar with the rules but you do not know how to interpret them correctly, usually calling people out in your favor when they were, in fact, in the right. You are very adamant on your opinions and do not seem to consider other people's points of view or other factors involved.

This being said, good luck.
Your application has been Denied. You may reapply on 2/15/2020. You have just gotten off a ban for targeting/harassing ceebeast and there hasn't been enough time to show us that the behavior you exerted has/will stop or that you will change. Maturity falls into that too. You have to set an example to everyone else as to how to act on the server, not set an example of how not to act. We would also like to see a better understanding of the rules from you rather than breaking them. Another thing is patience with certain things. It's not always easy and clean-cut to deal with trolls, for example, something that would be a key issue one would have to handle as a staff.
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