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It's not Blue It's Just VERY VERY Light Green!
Ingame Name: Cactus

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:66073725

Time Played: 550+ Hours

When First Joined: sometime in 2015, but only actively for the last 6/7 months

Availability (Approx. times you play, and time zone): When ever my internet is strong enough to let me onto the server, when its not i tend to only hop on when On Call Staff is pinged and ill *TRY* play or sit in spectator till things calm down again.

Rank Desired: T-mod (light green)

Current Rank: Trusted

What can you do to help the community: My job has been put on hold atm due to Covid-19, so i have all the spare time in the world to hop onto the server when ever i am needed. I am level headed, un-biased and since my promotion to trusted my bans due to bat related incidents have decreased considerably.

Why you want to help the community: Until we fix the problem with map vote issues we need all the staff we can get with access to force change the map when ever it gets stuck because so far 3 out of 7 of my last staff pings i've answered to i couldn't actually do anything to help other than pm other staff members to come on. When ever this issue does occur and lasts longer than 2/3mins we lose half of the server population and it takes a long time to fill back up again.

I really enjoy the server and want to help make playing on it as smooth and painless as possible that is why i became staff in the first place.

 I want to help the server by being able to respond to pings and actually resolve the issue no matter what it is and to do that i need access to commands trusted doesn't currently have

Have you been previously banned? (Link Relevant Posts): Yes,

Have you previously applied for staff? (Link Relevant Posts): Trusted ->

How did you find us?: Just wanted to play on a server that wasn't 24/7 minecraft and didn't have to many add ons

Did you fill out the required scenario questions for rank you are applying for? (Links under requirements in format thread): Yes.

[Image: j3I5q8.jpg]
+1 has been a good boy and handled most situations well you've improved alot cactus
+1 nothing bad has come about from him recently (still a little shit that started the mitch thing.) but hes got the workings of a good staff member.
[Image: 20191018_130512.jpg]
*Dead* Brown Sugar Cinnamon Poptart: I can be a piece of shit and still be a mod.
this is an easy +1 cactus knows the rules well  and is good at in forcing them
hentai furry crossover
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Its a plus one from me too. Cactus is very level headed and knows the rules +1
+1, the best and only Cactus!! He handles reports (very quick) and situations well. Deserves to become the light green Cactus he truly deserves!
Cactus Applying for Staff Response:

  • Knows the policy 
  • Enforces Policy
  • Calm
  • Handles Situations well
  • Okay, on the side note. I hate to be that guy but your time fluctuates a lot I see a lot of missing spots on Game Tracker.
Additional Comments:
  • I'm going to +1 this application however, attempt to better improve your time. I understand balancing a job + staffing is a difficult task so I am going to put in faith.
  • Best of hopes!
[Image: 497557.gif]
don't see you that often, but i am not saying you're inactive, our times of activity just don't line up that well, but from the time we've been on at the same time i've had no issues with you, and you seem pretty chill and handle situations well from my limited exposure
just because of my limited time playing with you i don't think i'm warranted to give a + or - so ima just stay neutral for now | good luck nonetheless
bump :-)
Gonna be a big +1 from me! I've seen Cactus working well since I've been back.  I have never had a problem with them and they stay on top of reports faster than I can grab them sometimes.  Gonna go ahead and add that this morning from about 1 am - 3 am CST or so it was hack/rdm/troll central on the server and Ethan had to leave so only Cactus and I were left to handle it all.  Cactus did a kickass job and we made it through with only a few bans and lots of slays but split the work.  Best of luck Cactus!!
Before you ask "What's the DHN1 stand for?" Why does it matter? It's a little blip.

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