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Kittens Staff Application
@jakefromstatefarm you need to ask for a rank update on the forums. And a +1 for kitten she is active and willing to force her brother to make his own account takes courage and you are dedicated to the server and would make a great addition to the staff team.
I may be relatively new to the community, but Kitten has been nothing but helpful to me and other newcomers to the server.
Always assisting when help is requested and enforeces the rules in a polite manner to the best of her ability.

If it means anything, I give her my vote of confidence. :3

What could it hurt lol besides we need more people
I'm not posting a +1 or -1 but i am here. I'm just not sure , and ignore "My Name Jeff" he's a troll that got banned , but can still post on Forums.
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