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Leaving this path behind
Do take care of yourself  kitty - Mental Health is something that needs to be taken care of and we will always be here to support you
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Murder Staff 2019 - Present  / Learn from your mistakes 
Be always be here lil precious bean
I will be there if you need help on homework
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Welcome to the retired side. Be warned, you can never play this game normally again <3
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I'm so glad I met you Kitty, I hope things go well for you. We will still be here for you <3
Aw, I’m sorry about the stress and anxiety you’ve been feeling. I know it can get tough, but I’m glad you’re taking steps to alleviate that.
I’ve really enjoyed the few times I’ve played prop hunt with you, you’re very kind and helpful. I hope you get better soon    Heart
[Image: Dxhbzr-JQzKiChV98GHF7w.png]
cr: nickelback
Good luck hun I hope you get to feeling better soon!
~All the best people are crazy~
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~Don't ever put me in a situation where I show you how heartless I can truly be~
Take care of yourself my love, my DM's are always open if you need anything. Hopefully still get to see you around server & discord!

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