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(11-13-2019, 10:32 PM)Littlepage Wrote:
(11-13-2019, 10:28 PM)Hani Wrote: To my knowledge @Brown Sugar Cinnamon Poptart warned you yesterday for the instance he mentioned in this thread. 
Since you're being appreciatively transparent - did you see / acknowledge this warning? If so did you choose to ignore it / brush it off?

I saw his warning, and chose to reject it.

[Image: goteem.PNG]
Resigned DR Admin
Resigned TTT Moderator 
(11-13-2019, 10:48 PM)ChokeMeGrandpa Wrote: This boy is literally admitting that he knows what he is doing, he isn't sorry, and he'll probably do it again. I know Sir Greenz said that he didn't want any punishment, but this is a second offense for donor abuse. I'll +1 a removal of powers.

I resent being called "Boy", because I am not underage. Let's try to keep ourselves to only the truth.
(11-13-2019, 11:36 PM)Demi Lovato\s Heroin Spoon Wrote: Then don't act like a complete goober. Ban yourself already and move on.

Can you read? I already tried that. I wasn't able to get a majority for the voteban.
Do not shit post on serious threads like this.

I'm going to temporarily close this until the upper staff have discussed further.
I apologize for this very overdue conclusion.

As we couldn't come upon a decision, it's been agree'd that because quite a bit of time has passed- we feel at this point any kind of ban is out of the question.
We will be issuing a stern warning and advising donor guidelines, but that'll be it. 

If powers are abused again, we will be give a week or two long ban along with powers most likely being stripped down to supporter.

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