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New Murder Maps
As the title states - Here are some new maps Im hoping to see be added. ( Some maps from TTT )

Terror-Train 2019 Version  /

TF2 Talent Show V2 /

RP True-North Livin /

Dimmsdale b2 /

gm_CellHouse_Night /

Note all these Maps will be tested and Ill add comments to these maps if they need Counter Strike , Or any other downloads
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I like cellhouse, and new maps would be great.
i really just want more variety in the maps, more maps that aren't like antarctic hospital and abandoned that don't just involve running around outside and occasionally peeking in to check for clues.
terrortrain seems like a map fit for murder imo
Since this thread is almost two month old, however, I would call this a good necro'd thread. We do need new maps on Murder since all we get is repetitive maps. I personally don't like housewithgardnerv2 since it's a small map and very tight to roam around, which does give me claustrophobia. I'll also look into more maps for Murder and create a new thread for it.

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