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PH - Illegal Spots
Known Illegal Spots

Illegal Spots Checklist - Even if a spot is not on this list, it may still be illegal if it doesn't pass each of these requirements.
1. Can you be seen by hunters?
2. Can you be killed by any weapon other than a nuke?
3. Did you use unstuck to get out of the map or did you get outside of the map by other means?

ph_abandoned hotel: Under the stoves, under lockers

ph_amaya: Gray power boxes in garage, under lockers

ph_ammattirakennus: Under the stove, behind lockers, all vans, under steering wheel of truck

ph_awesomebuilding_XL_map: In the generator base, green generator base, under sheet metal, under bookshelves, white box in computer room, fountain water/legs, behind tv screen, in/under any car, under stove, easter egg room, under fence as wrench

ph_backyard: Plate inside white pickup, pole in back of white truck, inside of broken orange boxes, on top of roof, do not put the vending machine under garage door, behind tv, under/in bed,

ph_bunkier_v3x: Underneath the fridge/mattress, behind the fire barrel in the corner of room w/bunk beds, inside trash bags, under oven

ph_chalet night day: Hiding inside the snowboard shelf, hiding in the fireplace, on roof/tree, under the dumpster, under the sink

ph_chalet day: Hiding inside the snowboard shelf, hiding in the fireplace, on roof/tree, under the dumpster, under the sink

ph_clue2: Behind the tub, inside the cupboard with the iron board, under the immovable box in the attic, hiding under the large shelf by the door in the greenhouse room, knife in the side of the bed, under wine racks, under the couch upstairs in the bedroom, under all shelves

ph_crashhouse: In the mesh parts of the trees, under the broken cars, hiding in the branches in the tree house, in mattresses, climbing on top of the hill, under the hill

ph_elementary_school: Under/behind lockers

ph_fancy house: Behind the boxes on the shelving unit in the garage, inside bed frame, under the fridge, under the car, inside of logs in the fireplace, green generator base

ph_gas_stationrc7: Under the broken cars, in the garbage bags, behind the trickshot machine, inside the truck wall, behind the computer monitor, inside the top of the truck, past the bars in pipe in basement.

ph_house_V3: Under the couch

ph_indoorpool: Inside the fountain water, in the white generator box in the voltage room, hiding on the easter egg door

ph_islandhouse2: Under the fridge, in the pillows, in the couch

ph_lockup: Basement-generator, under washing machine, behind ammo crates. 

ph_marketbattlefreq: Under the broken cars, knife inside the vending machines,inside the bin w/trash, in the console beside the watertube in the toxic barrel room with a knife. 

ph_modern house: Under the bed, in the large bush in the front, inside clothes, inside couch, inside/on the chimney, inside the trees

ph_motelblacke_redux fin: Under cars

ph_office_v2: Under the car, under silver tables, behind the oven

ph_parking lot: Under cars, past the jail bars


ph_restaurant: Under the bed, under the stove, mesh part of the truck, hiding in the pillows

ph_restaurant2017: Inside the legs of the tables

ph_school: Under silver table in kitchen

ph_starship: Hiding in the mesh parts of the doors, hiding under doors

ph_story2: Underneath the stoves

ph_twoside2: Behind/under the fridge
ph_underwataaa: Under the dresser, yellow poles by the big green generator.

ph_villahouse: Inside the rocks and cacti

ph_villahouse2017: Inside the cacti, the wall of the white truck


ph_zombie_bunker: Behind TV, inside garbage bags, zombie room, behind vending machine as vending machine, white box on machine

Did We Miss A Spot? - Contact Us!

Special Thanks to All Those Who Helped To Compile This List
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