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PH - Meet Your Staff!
Prince Nicky La Flama Blanca
Test Moderator
The Grim Reaper
Diesel Hyena
Jake from State Farm

Dinkleberg - Owner

Dinkleberg is the owner and creator of the Prophunt server, as well as the rest of the Dinkleberg community. In an effort to create a mysterious aura about him, very little information will be added about him here. If you want to learn more about him, try talking to him when he gets on the server! Here is his steam profile, though I would suggest approaching other staff members about issues first. 

Prince Nicky La Flama Blanca - Administrator

My name is Nicky and I'm an Admin on Dinkleberg's Prophunt! I've been with the server since October 2015 and I've been with the Dinkleberg community since February 2014. In fact, I might even be one of the oldest active players still around! I am 20 years old and I'm in my junior year of college, where I am currently studying geography and history. In addition to playing Garry's Mod, I also take great pleasure in enjoying strategy games. My favorites are Victoria II, Crusader Kings II, and Civilization. Another game I love is Mount and Blade! In fact, I've been playing it since it came out in 2010. I love it just as much now as I did then! Besides video gaming, I love to go hiking and biking. My interests also include (as you might expect) geography and history, but also, demography, presidential trivia, and reading. My name is actually a tribute to Prince Henry the Navigator, the man who made the Age of Discovery possible. I also do some amateur editing on Wikipedia whenever I can find the time - I've even written a few articles! Here's my steam profile if you need some help!

NoNameAvailable - Test Moderator

One of our newest additions to the staff team and soon to be a college student! He's a computer geek and he wishes to pursue cyber defense classes in college. Contact him on steam here!

Traitor - Test Moderator

A long-serving staff member - in fact, he's been here since 2015! He's a Buckeye and plays using an Alienware! Contact him on steam with this link

Tronald - Trusted

Tronald is a trusted on PH and is active across the Dinkleberg community, also being a Moderator on our Deathrun server. Here is his steam profile if you need to contact him!

The Grim Reaper - Trusted

A staff member since February 2018 and partially a bilingualist, with Spanish as his other language. He's been with the community since January 2018! Hit him up on steam with this link!

TheUltraFish - Trusted

The Ultra Fish was promoted to Trusted in April 2018 and has played on the server, intermittently, since 2016. He is a great hider on PH and he also has past staffing experience from another PH server. If you need help, I'm sure he'd be willing! Here is his steam profile

noboby - Trusted

[black]noboby is a trusted on PH and has been with the staff team since April 2018. He enjoys skateboarding, drawing, painting, making things, and studying psychology. He also likes to play Garry's Mod EA Skate 2, as well as other games. He hates injustice and will be a strong ally to you, especially if you are a nice person! Here is his steam profile if you need him!

Diesel Hyena - Trusted

Diesel Hyena has been a trusted staff member on PH since April 2018. In case you were wondering - yes, you may call him Samsuki. His main priority is keeping hackers and ghosters off the server! Give him a holler on steam here.

Trash - Trusted

Despite her name, Trash is not actually trash. So please don't treat her like it. She has been a trusted since April 2018. Contact her on steam if you need any help from her - this is her profile.

Soup - Trusted

Imported Soup.

Jake from State Farm - Trusted

Favorite clothes are a red top and khakis. Sounds hideous. Works at State Farm. Works the night shift. Sells insurance. 
Jokes aside, Jake doesn't always wear khakis and is bad at spelling. Here is his steam profile. Give him a ring if you need help or want to know how marriage can affect your insurance rates at 3 AM.
Celebrating my fourth year with the Dinkleberg Community! February 2014 - Present
This is the first time I've changed my signature in 2 years.

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