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Pandora Gun Exploit
Offender's Name: Pandora Radio

Offender's SteamID: STEAM_0:1:43755279

Potential Witnesses: Some kid who left lmao

Reason to Ban: Proceeded to perform the gun exploit on family guy and killed some kid twice.

Other: This guy is a tmod, why would he exploit the map to kill people?
@"Pandora Radio" Explain to me why you're doing this as a Staff Member.
Splain yo self fool
Joined January 24th, 2015.

[Image: giphy.gif]
I will be honest: I should not have done this and I apologize. I will try to not do this in the future; I would be fine with (and would recommend) a demotion and ban for this.
A week is long enough honostly since it's dr and he also admitted to doing it (and wasn't like " Oh I didn't know?!")
And is that supposed to be an insult? Just FYI, I'm 6'2, 195 lbs, 10% body fat. Broad shoulders, very defined, powerful back (deadlift PR of 505 lbs), chest hair, full thick beard, veiny forearms, protruding and defined jawline, and the majority of my wardrobe is made up of dress shirts.

I'm an Instagram girl's wet dream, and I still turn that shit down since I have better options throwing themselves at me nearly every time I go out in public.
I like the admittance of fault there. I'll +1 the suggestion of only a week for honesty.
                                                                                                TTT - Test Mod
                                                                                  PH - Just a guy who nukes rooms
A demotion is not necessary since no real abuse was involved, a week ish should be fine.
You're not going to be demoted / banned at this time. Don't do it again or you will be demoted.


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