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Perma Unban Request
Ingame Name: Chunky Lil Bimbo, as of now possibly different when i was banned.

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:68199743

Who Banned You:  Christian

Reason For Ban: Constant RDM W/ No Staff On.

Length of Ban: Perma

Reason for Admins to Unban: So recently got back into gmod since I haven't been on in a yearish. Well I started back playing on some servers that were on my history, or that I had donated to in the past, but I have been getting bored and trying out new servers etc. I dont play like I used to im a lot more casual and laid back so I enjoy the game better. Well today I went to join this server and I saw I had a perma ban. And honestly didn't think anything of it until I realized I was banned in 2017 xD. so since you guys have been running a server that long I would like a chance to come back and enjoy the server for what it is and have some good ole TTT fun, no rdm, just a nice game to play and enjoy with a non laggy non furry based server. 

Have you been banned before (Link relevant threads): Not sure if i have been banned before, I do not think i have. But it has been awhile.

Other: Also if I do not get unbanned any advice that would help me would be appreciated. 
if you do not get unbanned i would recommend joining the discord 

non furry is illegal 
hentai furry crossover 
Briefly remember it was reported to me over Steam, that you were consistently RDMing over multiple maps. I unfortunately no longer have the evidence for this, for I cleared out most of my evidence when I resigned. However, that is irrelevant. This ban is almost 3 years old, and at the time you could make the point that a Permaban was harsh for just Consistent RDM. But it was always something discretionary, so I ultimately had the final decision. As it's been a few years, I'm willing to give ya the benefit of the doubt.

+1 Unban
If you have any questions regarding the server rules or anything else, send me a forum PM.
Resigned TTT & Deathrun Admin.
[Image: 1199184.png]
Your unban request has been Accepted.
[Image: ez6anzMsTsOig1CuQzhf_Q.png][Image: 83AC9406D35B2C5AC6A969C5979AEDFD7A42291E]

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