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Reporting SUS AF
Testing testing.
Wont let me post testing.
Hello world.

I guess I can only post short messages
But thank to @dong my response is out.

That guy is just a troll and I won't entertain him with a second response.
I am sorry you all had to waste your time with this.

Oh also @Centuriona you left with an un-served slay mate sooo probably get off the ban forums and be lucky I was too tired to do anything but log off and sleep.
                                                                                                TTT - Test Mod
                                                                                  PH - Just a guy who nukes rooms
Is that trolling and staff impersonation I hear??
Matt_St3 / Strongrule / Spartan001295
[00:04] matt_st3 (Strongrule) [traitor] has damaged Taliban Tom [detective] for 4.9999999349555e+14 HP with an unknown weapon
Plenty of time for OP to give evidence, none given. Thread closed.
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