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Rule 17
i was unaware of this change as I have been gone.

No more YEET'ing myself off buildings i guess lol
I just want to say that killbinding is sometimes necessary, for instance when you are shoved inside a wall and unstuck fails or pops you out of the map. This is only a problem when staff is not on, because staff can teleport someone in this situation. This is less of an issue since the change to the unstuck function, but personally I had to kill myself twice because hunters would be unable to kill me.
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I actually saw someone in game talking about the gravity portion of this just this morning. They had said that if a hunter was chasing them that they would try to kill themselves to gravity, I’m glad that this rule is in effect because doing it truly is a jerk move to hunters that actually found you and it does steal the kill. I however feel like this is the hardest rule to enforce just because it’s hard to tell the difference between intentional and accidental.
Can you people look at dates before replying and perhaps read the comments that say the same things/or resolve the issues. Can be readdressed in a new relevant thread if needed

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