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Rules, Rules, Rules.
If we could reorder the rule bible to have the easiest ones to break put at the very top, or if possible make something that makes those quirky/unusual rules VERY clear to new players, I think that would help some.

A lot of confusion is generated with new players who come on having seen TTT gameplay on youtube, or when they are coming from a similar server that has different rules.

This confusion leads to them breaking the rules unintentionally, getting punished for it (typically with a slay), them leaving, and then them getting banned because they didn't serve the slay because that isn't a common thing on other servers.

And before someone says "why don't they just read the rules?", I want you to realize that people are coming here to have fun, and a number of them WILL skim past the rules because they want to get to the fun faster, thinking most rules are common sense.
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