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Staff App.
Ingame Name: Jake From State Farm

Steam ID: 76561198192017030

Time Played: Roughly 207 hrs on Gmod altogether 

When First Joined: Its been off and on since I bought the game, but recently about 2 weeks ago. I've been on this server I think about a year ago. Its my go to server for prophunt. 

Availability (Approx. times you play, and time zone): [Eastern Time Zone] I live on this game, evenings throughout the mornings and sometimes afternoons.

Rank Desired: Trusted

Current Rank: Master

What can you do to help the community?: I like to help out new players have a good experience and answer any questions they have. I can help the community by minimizing mic/chat spammers and especially enforcing the ghosting rule.

Why do you want to help the community?: I want to make a positive impact on the newer players so they want to keep coming back to the server and help it grow.

Have you previously been banned? (Link relevant posts): I've never been banned and plan to keep it that way.

Have you previously applied for staff? (Link relevant posts): This is my first time.

How did you find us?: When searching for a prop hunt server, I saw that it had a good ranking and my ping was low as well. That and it was near the top of the prop hunt page.

Other: Id like to become a Trusted player on this server and help newer players have a great experience here, unfortunately I don't have long before I leave for training. My position in RL is kinda complicated and the only thing I can see myself doing for the next couple weeks is be here. But I wont be gone for long, Ill only be away for about a month and Ill be back on here. This is really the only thing that I'd like to do before going. I have to leave for training at the end of this month. If you see that the timing of these events make me unfit for this position then I would understand If you didn't grant me the rank of trusted. I appreciate your time and consideration,

                                      Best Regards,
                                                      Jake From State Farm
Best regards,
                     Jake From State Farm
Could you please take a screenshot showing your playtime on your screen? Just any screenshot of your screen while on the PH server will be helpful. Then post that screenshot onto here with a link.

Your name is very common so it makes it difficult to ascertain how many hours you personally have on the server based on GameTracker. I want to make sure you have 60 of playtime.

Do this and then I will take a further look at your application.
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This is the Jake from State Farm that plays on this server. Other than the amount of hours, because I do not know how many hours he's played on our particular server, he helps out constantly on the server. Either by teaching new players how to play or by enforcing the rules while following the rules himself. I believe he may also know some Russian which is helpful late at night with the changing of time zones in the past.


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Don't know if I have any say, but in the 1 time I played on the prop hunt server since resigning, Jake was pretty good with helping out the newcomers. I would give him a chance @Prince Nicky La Flama Blanca even if his hours aren't quite there. His role is master so he has at least 50 hours, he'll be at 60 soon enough anyways.
Hopefully this is enough, I went ahead and played some more to be sure.

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Best regards,
                     Jake From State Farm
Gonna drop a +1 here.

I've seen Jake on a good bit and he seems to really have a knack for helping out new users. I feel as if he would be an asset to the staff team
+1 from me , i never had a problem with him , and i don't intend to
Is a +1 from me he is active, nice, and always abides by the rules, also if i forget to punish someone he will remind me
-PropHunt Faggot
+1 he has the ultamite meme name and I have played with him a bit and he is a nice guy and really helpful.
Congratulations Jake! Welcome to the staff team! We will get you set up with a rank on the forums/discord/server as soon as possible!
Celebrating my fourth year with the Dinkleberg Community! February 2014 - Present
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