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Stingray False Slay
Today has actually been one of the worst days these forums have ever seen. ReThink, your report is valid. Stingray, the slay was invalid. ReThink, you didn’t need to accept Stingray’s slays or his points. It’s your prerogative. Stingray, take your time when doing reports. Reports don’t need to be finished as soon as possible, which is something I’m sure you know. Now we wait and see what the Admins decide.
Oh wow an honest mistake let's make a huge deal about it.

This isnt abuse either so I dont know what the point of this thread is other than to complain that you got slain by mistake which was then corrected.
@Stingray just be a little more careful when doing reports.
@ReThink you can make threads like these to bring things like this to our attention but there is no need for the attitude. Next time just make the thread and leave it at that.

Thread locked.
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