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TTT Rules
12/19/2019 - Be advised of new rule change: Detectives may NOT call Test or KOS until OT but can call Test or sus during the round. Same procedures apply for being able to call a test or kos/sus as in proximity to the detective, name, and ample time.

TTT Rules:

Note that the punishments below are general guidelines that should be followed in most situations, but staff may issue punishment with some discretion depending on the context of a situation.

1. Do Not Random Deathmatch
RDM is killing a player without a legitimate reason. Some examples of RDM are prop killing, goomba stomping, pushing players off edges, killing provens or detectives, and killing AFKs before overtime.  A full list of reasons to KOS can be found near the bottom of this page.  Do not KOS people that clearly are consenting to fight each other.

General RDM Punishment:
RDM is killing someone for a reason not stated at the bottom of this page.
- One slay per RDM unless it falls under one of the categories below
- A ban of length at staff discretion for consistent RDM

Mass RDM Punishment:
Mass RDM is defined as 3+ intended RDMs in a single round.
- All Offences: Permaban

Attempted RDM Punishment:
Attempted RDM is intentionally attempting to kill someone without reason. Whether something falls under this will be determined at staff discretion, typically 20+ dmg intentionally.
- General Offences: One slay
- Consistent Offences: 1+ Day Temp Ban

T on T RDM Punishment:
T on T RDM is killing a T buddy. There are two types of T on T RDM - Intentional & Accidental.
- Intentional RDM: Two slays (Ex. Using T items without calling it out thus killing T buddies, kosing T buddies.)
- Accidental RDM : One slay (Ex. Crossfire - make sure it is crossfire)
- Since situations vary on Accidental TonT RDM use Staff discretion.      
- Do not troll your T buddies : One slay (EX. locking them in the cells on 67way and refusing to let them out, thus ruining their T round.)

RDM and Leave Punishment:
Defined as leaving the game with an active report or after a slay has been assigned from a report.

1x RDM + leave = 1-day ban (1,440 minutes)
2x RDM + leave = 1-week ban (10,080 minutes)
3x RDM + leave = Permanent ban

2. Do Not False KOS
Calling a KOS for a reason other than those shown at the bottom of this page is a false KOS. Traitors may call a false KOS to get innocents to kill each other. Any other player who calls a false KOS may be reported.

False KOS Punishment:
- General Offences: One slay per false KOS
- Consistent Offences: One Week Ban

3. Do Not Call Bounties
Do not offer points for killing another player regardless of whether it would be RDM or not.

Bounties Punishment:
- General Offences: One slay
- Consistent Offences: 1+ Day Temp Ban

4. Do Not Spam
Chat and mic spam are never allowed. Singing (unless you're really good and we like it), yelling, and excessive speaking are all mic spam. Loud or annoying arguments that prevent other from enjoying the game will also be shut down.

General Spam Punishment:
- 1st Offence: Warning
- 2nd Offence: Warning + short !gag or !mute
- 3rd Offence: Full round !gag or !mute
- 4th Offence: Kick
- 5th Offence: 1+ Day Temp Ban

Spamming Admin Chat Punishment:
- 1st Offence: Warning
- 2nd Offence: Kick
- 3rd Offence: 1+ Day Temp Ban

5. Do Not Exploit, Hack, Metagame or Otherwise Avoid the Game's Intended Limits
This includes ghosting*, metagaming, hacking, and exploiting maps. Ghosting includes sharing any type of information with someone from the grave that could affect the outcome of a round, including staff. Do not try to escape the map bounds or exploit map/server bugs that provide an unfair advantage to gameplay. Do not team, which is aiding people you know are not on your team. Do not put your client to 3rd person mode. Do not intentionally crash the server. Do not exploit or abuse the grappling hook to gain an unfair advantage such as flying with it. Do not abuse console commands to exploit the way ingame items work. An exception to the metagaming rule is that you may use the number of remaining living players to deduce the number of living traitors, but only once the game has reached a point where there are so few traitors or players remaining that you cannot be wrong.

* Telling your T-Buddies where your body is (so you can be defibbed) is not Ghosting.

Ghosting Punishment:

Moderate Ghosting Includes:

-psay message to another player on the server with game-related information
-New players who may not be familiar with rules talking to friends in Voice or Text Chat outside of gmod
-Anything accidental.

Moderate Ghosting Punishment:

First Offense: Warning
Second Offense: 1 week ban
Third Offense: 2 week ban
Subsequent Offenses will be left to the discretion of the admins.

Severe Ghosting Includes:

-Intentional/Malicious sharing of game-related information through voice or text chat.
example: Experienced player (member+) psaying a friend on the server telling them who the traitor was who killed them

Severe Ghosting Punishment:

First Offense: 2-week ban
Second Offense: Permanent ban

Mods: If you are unable to decide between moderate and severe ghosting, place a temporary ban (if necessary) and leave the discretion up to the admins.

Metagaming Punishment:
- 1st Offence: Warning
- 2nd Offence: 12 Hour Ban
- 3rd Offence: 1 Day Ban

Teaming Punishment:
- First offense: 2 week ban
- Second Offense: Permaban

Hacking Punishment:
- All Offences: Permaban

Exploiting Maps Punishment:
- 1st Offence: Warning
- 2nd Offence: Warning
- 3rd Offence: 1 Day Ban
- 4th Offence: 1+ Week Ban

Attempting to Crash Server Punishment:
- ALL Offences: permaban

(Bans at staff discretion)

6. Do Not Flame Or Troll Players
Flaming, harassing, trolling, or targeting other players is prohibited. Spamming, trolling with, or using Offensive language (racism, sexism, etc) towards other people is NOT allowed in any form. “Nigger” or specific terms at discretion of staff are NOT allowed. Repeatedly doing amounts of damage that are not quite reportable can also be considered trolling (10 dmg to someone every round as an example). Targeting is specifically singling out a player to act against across multiple maps or days. For example, if every time you are a traitor you knife a specific person this could be considered targeting. Another example would be following the same player every round. Do not randomly prop kill people during preround unless they consent or blatantly do not care. The main reason for this is that some people do not wish to be prop killed or lose things like full ammo during preround. 

Trolling Punishment:
- 1st Offence: Warning + temporary !gag or !mute
- 2nd Offence: 1 Day Ban
- 3rd Offence: 3 Day Ban
- 4th Offence: 1 Week Ban
^ Use staff discretion when dealing with different levels of harassment, this is just a general guideline.

Harassment Punishment:
- 1st Offence: Temp Ban
- 2nd Offence: Permaban

7. Do Not Lie in Reports
Do not knowingly present false information in reports to get another player slain or to get out of your own slay. Note to staff: Make sure that the player is actually lying and not just misunderstanding what happened to them. This game can be very confusing so look for malicious intent.

Lying in Reports Punishment:
- 1st Offence: Warning
- 2nd Offence: Kick
- 3rd Offence: 1+ Day Ban

8. Do not Argue with Staff
Do not excessively argue on the server as it hinders other players' ability to play the game. If you’re unsatisfied with a staff member’s decision, please collect any relevant evidence and present it either on the forums or to a higher ranking staff member. Use !forums in chat to reach the forums.

Punishment per Offence:
- 1st Offence: Warning
- 2nd Offence: Short gag or mute
- 3rd Offence: Round long gag or mute
- 4th Offence: 1+ Day Temp Ban

  • Do not delay (Running out of time as a traitor unless actively looking for innocents or failing to kill/significantly damage anyone for 3 minutes as the last traitor OR hiding in a location that is unreachable or where you cannot be attacked within normal means of movement in the map (without having to prop surf or grapple) for an extended period of time)
  • Have a name that is pronounceable and readable in latin characters. Do not have a name similar to any other players (example: Chad 1, Chat 17, Jimbo Junior, Jimbo Senior, and Etc)
  • Do not mislead new players with information that might ruin their experience
  • Do not sit Idle / AFK in Spectator if you're not playing. Do not time farm. You will be kicked for sitting AFK for any more than 1 hour.
    *This excludes Staff actively watching other players / handling RDM reports.
  • Do not interfere mid-round by possessing props to either cause damage to players, or try to break map doors.
All of the above should receive light punishments, typically a warning followed by gags, mutes or kicks. Administer a slay when a traitor intentionally delays a round.

Rule changes in Overtime:
  •  KOS can be called for one of the suspicion reasons below
  •  Detectives may call "test or kos"*
  •  Traitors purposely avoiding confrontation for extended time may be slain
  •  You can kill AFKs
  •  Owners of a claim may kill any non detectives that tries to enter or open the door to the claim
  •  Innocents may claim rooms**
  •  You can call: live check or KOS (You may call live check during the round, but not live check or KOS)

To call a "test or kos" the detective must give the name of the target, sufficient time for the target to test, and the target must be fairly close the detective and the tester, avoid "test or kosing" someone in chat if there is a lot of chat spam.

** A valid claim requires that the room not be an intersection needed to move through the map, and the claim must be called out with a description of the space being claimed.  The claim is in effect only while the claimer is within its bounds

Reasons to call a Kill-on-Sight(KOS):

The below lists of reasons to KOS and sus are for reference, and cover the most common issues. However, these are not complete lists and do not necessarily cover all edge cases. If anything comes up that is not covered by what is shown below, it is to be handled at staff discretion. Killing someone who called a legitimate kos based on the below reasons may yield a slay.
  •  Killing Detectives, except when they are RDMing
  •  Throwing incendiary grenades near non-kosed players
  •  Entering traitor room while unproven
  •  Calling a KOS on someone who is proven Innocent and not a Detective
  •  Throwing discombobulators such that they can push people off ledges, causing damage
  •  Prop killing
  •  Causing damage by falling onto players
  •  Damaging a destructible tester or health station
  •  Destroying the map tester, even preround
  •  Breaking a bridge with players on it such that it causes damage
  •  Killing or injuring someone with explosive barrels
  •  Holding explosive barrels near players
  •  Activating traps with the intent to kill someone (ex. Traps on Trappycottage & Richland)
  •  Having DNA of an Innocent or Detective on you 1
  •  Knowingly walking past or failing to identify an unidentified body 2
  •  Failing to respond to a live check in OT 3
  •  Entering a room that was validly claimed 4
  •  T-baiting 5
  •  Door Blocking 6
  •  Keeping players grappled after they have told you to stop 7
  •  Continuing to throw props at a player after they have told you to stop 7
  •  Door Spamming 7
  •  Damaging Innocents for a reason not stated above 8
  •  Having a traitor item while unproven 9
  •  Rendering detective equipment unusable 10
1. Unless the Detective or Innocent was RDMing
2. Player is KOSable only if the body is reasonably visible, e.g. not under a bench or in a dark corner. Whether this is RDM is largely to staff discretion

3. If only one player responds to a live check, that player can be KOSed.
4. See below for what constitutes a valid claim
5. This includes saying that you are a T, shooting at other players, sniping on a sniper map (i.e. Rooftops) close to other players without calling out why you are shooting, etc. This does NOT include shooting randomly, Like at a wall or the sky.
6. When no alternate path to the other side exists and a warning was provided with reasonable amount of time.
7. Must give warning to stop and reasonable time to do so

8. ANY amount of damage with a gun is kosable. 5+ damage with a prop is kosable. 20+ damage by any means is reportable.
9. This includes Secret Objective Knives on Maps applicable. You can find the full List of Traitor / Non Traitor Items here: Click Here
1. Attempting to Destroy / Damaging a Health Station, or Portable Tester is KOSable. However, You may only be KOS'd if you destroy a Detective turret or Detective Camera.

Note:  You should not KOS someone acting in self defense (they got attacked first and returned fire)

Map Specific Reasons to KOS:
Whitehouse_b2: Accessing or using mines
Whitehouse_v9: Holding armed claymores.
Casino: Holding the lightsabers
Rooftops2016: Sticking the dynamite to the collapsible building.
Dolls: Activating fan with players nearby
Community Pool / Datmap: Carrying turtles near other people
School / Plaza: Locking players in the freezer
Bank13: Putting the battery into the SWAT radio
Richland / Crummy Cradle: Activating the map traps
Dog: Firing the cannon
Dimmsdale: - Using the wand/Bringing it towards players

Reasons to Call Suspicion:
  •  Turning off lights on any applicable map
  •  Being near the bodies of people who recently died
  •  Refusing to test for a detective's "test or sus" even if proven*
  •  Attempting to complete or contributing to the traitor objective on applicable objective maps
  •  Claiming to have killed someone that you didn't
  •  Placing the "wedge" in the basement of the gun store on 67th way
  •  Carrying the body of a T who later gets revived**
  •  Refusing to follow a kos***
  •  Following people****
  •  Being AFK at overtime*****

To call a "test or sus" the detective must give the name of the target, sufficient time for the target to test, and the target must be fairly close the detective and the tester, avoid "test or susing" someone in chat if there is a lot of chat spam.

** If they get revived relatively soon (1ish minute) after the person was carrying their body
*** If the kosed person is then killed and identified as a T and the refuser was given reasonable time to act on the kos
**** Must provide a warning and reasonable time to stop following after said warning
***** Players who get proven and then go AFK are exempt

Note:  You may KOS based on 2nd hand suspicion only if you also know the reason behind the original sus

Chain of Command:
  • Owner
  • Co-Owner
  • Admin
  • Moderator(Mod)
  • Test Moderator(TMod, Donor TMod)
  • Trusted Applied for after acquiring Regular
  • Donor
  • Regular Requires 100 hours of play time
  • Master Requires 60 hours of play time
  • Member Requires 25 hours of play time
  • Guest
Changes 1/4/17
- Added Teaming
- Added Teaming Punishment
- Better Definitions on Rule 5
- Fixed Formatting a Bit
- Added Battery on Bank as KOSable
[Image: iOq71ag.jpg]
Changes 1/10/17
- Added Rooftops 2016 map specific KOS.
- Added Activating traps with the intent to kill. Under Reasons to call a KOS
           - Added examples for this ^
[Image: Untitled-1.jpg]
Changes 1/14/2017
- Added under Reasons to KOS ----- 9. ANY amount of damage with a gun is kosable. 5+ damage with a prop is kosable. 20+ damage by any means is reportable.
[Image: Untitled-1.jpg]
Changes 1/15/17

 - Added addendum to Door Spamming
 - Added minor text to Door Blocking
CHANGES 1/17/17

- Added TonT RDM under Do Not Random Deathmatch
         - Added punishments for TonT RDM
         - Added examples for each

- Under Reasons to call a kos -  Refusing to test for a detective’s “test or kos” even if proven
  - Added  2. Avoid "test or kosing" someone in chat if there is alot of chat spam.
[Image: Untitled-1.jpg]
Changes 1/19/17
-  Added onto Tbaiting 6 - sniping on a sniper map (i.e. Rooftops) close to other players without calling out why you are shooting
[Image: Untitled-1.jpg]
Changes 1/28/17
- "Ghosting includes sharing information with someone would not otherwise know it" to "Ghosting includes sharing information with someone who would not otherwise know it"
: )
[Image: iOq71ag.jpg]
Changes 3/27/17
Map specific reasons to KOS:
- Added Dog: Firing the cannon
Changes 3/29/17
Rule changes in OT

-Added Live check or KOS rules.

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