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Trusted App for Redd
Name: [red]Redd Oblivion, Redd Oblivion 

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:62470148

Time Played:  376.44 hours logged (I'm guessing lol going off the 'time meter' in game and not my actual Gmod hours cause that's like at 777 hours)

First Time on the server: Feb 02 2019 (I think, I had to ask Mantis where to find this out)

Availability: I jump on when i can through out the week, mostly evening and late night, like around 11pm to like 9am. I'm baseing my time on my time zone on Central Time.

Rank Desired: Trusted 

Current Rank: Regular 

What can I do? Watch the server after most other staff are away, and i can be an extra if no staff are available. I can also do some impressions if you like :3
Reasons I want to help? I really like this server, a lot of the people on it are nice and funny. I want to make it where anyone who likes to play prop hunt can come on to a server, whether they are new the game or not, and enjoy playing.

Have I been banned? Not that I know of but I also try not to get myself banned

Have I previously applied? No, this is my first application 

How did I find this? Tbh it was boredom, skimming the list of the PH servers and noticed this one, also the name stuck out to me cause of Fair Odd Parents so I thought it would be a funny server to join

Other: There was a time when I first got into prop hunt back in like 2013 or 2014 were i had joined a server by the name of ABC Bitches (Idk if they are still around) but when i was on their server, i became a regular and they let me host the server for the late night hours. Now it took me like a long time to earn that, but they saw that I was on a lot during that time and asked if I could 'admin' for them.
P.S. I'm not expecting anything, just thought I would give it a shot, like my mama always told me "There is nothing wrong in asking a question."

[Image: url?sa=i&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=...3377233905]

well the image did not show up... im dumb at this
Well you certainly have the time requirements and I see you around a lot on server, however I can't recall that I've seen involvement in trying to help staff on server. I'm talking binds for spectator, unassigned or helping on the mic and/or chat when people get wired up, of course if you've done this when staff aren't on than of course I wouldn't have seen it. Other than that I have no issues with you, you've been around long enough to know the rules, the spots and the players. I would also suggest being active in our discord, unless you already are under a different name, I looked for your name here but didn't see it. Also do you have the ability to record cause that is the most useful things to have for staffing the server. 

I wish you the best of luck, if I see more involvement with wanting to staff before this is decided I may change to a +1, but for now I'll remain at +0.
[Image: finished.png]
'It Feels Like' by 1551
Thanks Deathstar, Im down to help my fellow hunters and props, I do have the ability to record but my pc is kinda slow so getting evidence will sometimes be an issue but im just poor atm. For the discord part, I am sorry I'm not on it often as I should, but I do'nt really look at my phone unless I'm looking a memes, I'll try to be more active in it :3
Hey Redd Oblivion! Thanks for Applying!

It's always nice seeing people that have been around for abit to apply. As I see things now, there are no problems regarding how you follow rules or try to help others on server. You are a good noodle on server. Your quite active and I can see where you would be able to come and fill out those extra moments in time for staff. Try being more active around the forums and the discord since I haven't seen some of that action. For the recording part, you don't have to go through the obs part like everyone else. I use bandicam strictly for evidence purposes and It runs perfectly on this potato. 

I will share a concern I have. Every day there are trolls and people will be people. People will say some harsh stuff and everyone isn't super immune. I know that you have a dislike for people who have the ability to easily break the rules and laugh it off like it's nothing. Make sure that this doesn't get under your skin, they are just some trolls trying to ruin people's experience, and you showing them that makes their mission complete when you show them that they got to you. 

As things are now, I will (-1) on this application. Show me that you can steel your resolve and follow the proper way to deal with trolls. 
[Image: OR3XCwi.png]
[Image: giphy.gif]

Hey Redd, I'm going to have to -1 on this for right now. Although you are very active on the server I think you should familiarize yourself with our procedures in dealing with ban requests and such. Because as a trusted that's mainly what you have to do. I am not doubting your staffing ability I'm just saying you should take more time on helping out staff and take time to understand the procedures more. Although I do not have a problem with you on the server. Make sure you take all this advice from staff members and improve because that's all we can do. Good Luck!!
I may look calm but in my mind I just killed you three times

#SMOL SQUAD 2016-forever

Nicol Bolas
Domo, Redd for your application in my opinion yo have show bits of potential staff requirements and well as a few pointer of showing some maturity of facing some players when they decide to troll via voice chat and public chat or when there are ghosters or any players that have constant kills without searching for a prop. For now I will -1 on the application for reasons as to show more involvement not just by the server itself, but as well as the community via the forums. I know you talk with me with one set of ghosters via discord when it was occurring and you do have some pointers, but not all the pointers.
[Image: giphy.gif]

[Image: strenk_by_nocturnbros-dbu3ygj.gif]

Redd! Thanks for applying! At this time I'm gonna be a -1
Although you do meet requirements to apply for staff, I feel that more time in the server learning how to handle trolls and other issues would benefit you greatly. In my opinion, you are on your way to Trusted. There have been a couple of times where you've alerted me to situations happening on server when I joined, which is greatly appreciated. My vote will easily become a +1 if you continue doing stuff like that, get a little more activity here in the forums and in discord, and try to approach rulebreakers in a calm but firm manner. If you need any help setting up staff appropriate binds, or have any questions hit me up.
[Image: ban_2.png]
[Image: aug_kick_2.png]
Redd, as I understand it by looking at other responses, you have the accidental case of feeding trolls, making them get worse upon seeing that there trolling is working. When looking for staff, we like individuals who can keep a cool head and defuse a situation.

You've been pretty easy to work with on the server. The only major concern I have is that you and your friend were caught ghosting on the server. After initially getting caught, the issue did not seem to occur again but your friend also does not get on at all, or as much, as before. Will this change if he decides to return? Can we trust you to not continue where you and your friend(s) are on together? I say give it another month, and we'll go from there.

Your application is denied, you may reapply on January 4, 2020.
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Make sure to make the day.            

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