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Unban me
Ingame Name: jangosplace

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:66019262

Who Banned You: Scoovie

Reason For Ban: Mass RDM

Length of Ban: Perma

Reasons for Mods to Unban: I rdmed three or four people by accident as I thought a grenade would break through a window and go into a empty room, I didn't know it would just bounce back into the lobby. I will be more cautious next time this is I believe maybe my fourth attempt to get an unban or reduced ban on this issue alone. I like to play and would like to continue playing on this server, if I didn't I wouldn't have came back to the forums for this many months trying to resolve the issue.         
                                       Thanks for your consideration, 
Also here are my previous bans.
-2 RDM and Leaves in the past. Just 1x RDM and Leave
-1 Mass RDM. He was unbanned after serving a month.
I'm delirious outta my mind.
did you just copy and paste your last app...
[Image: 7kNfohh.gif]
[Image: cFcBPPs.jpg]
Yes I did, with very small changes to it. That's what happened and I don't know what else to say. Its still true though.
I'm delirious outta my mind.
It's been over 2 months since his last unban request, I think he's been banned long enough for accidental RDM.
In case anyone was curious, jango was most recently banned on December 17, 2017. He has served a little over five months of his ban.

Jango has been banned an additional 3 times. He has linked two of his unban requests.
-2 RDM and Leaves in the past. Just 1x RDM and Leave
-1 Mass RDM. He was unbanned after serving a month.
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Alright here is the deal you will be unbanned, but next screw up and that's it, no more chances.

He might be banned under ULX someone might need to deal with that.
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