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Underscore's unban request
ngame Name: Underscore

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:41811101

Who Banned You: I don't know

Reason For Ban: Ghosting I think

Length of Ban: Perm

Reason for Mods to Unban: I didn't ghost and also it's been like 2 years

Have you been banned before (Link relevant threads): I don't believe so

Other: I made a post a while back and then forgot about it, because i don't really play gmod much anymore
Went ahead and did some digging on the old forums on Enjin. Your current ban is correct, you were banned for Ghosting by Tedgp908 >Sad (who is no longer a Staff Member.) This Ban was also a ULX Ban Import on 8/14/2016.

For purposes of the Unban Request, I'm going to be linking the Ban Request and any other Reports you've had on the old forums:
If you have any questions regarding the server rules or anything else, send me a forum PM.
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Ban is from a long time ago i see no problem with an unban, even if you put minimal effort into the request.

+1 for unban
If you skim through the ban and unban requests you might notice there's a lack of evidence against Underscore. Should be unbanned.
Your request has been Approved.

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