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Offender's Name & Steam ID: UnsaltedBeans STEAM_0:1:68385028

Potential Witnesses: Momma, Slash, Possum

Reason to Ban: chat spam and inappropriate chat 
Proof: [Image: 1st_spam.png] 1st time i saw him do it as i got on, he was muted by Momma.

[Image: 2nd_mute.jpg] Continues so map muted

[Image: kick.jpg] Next map he starts immediately so kicked.

[Image: spam_after_kick.jpg] As soon as he loads in he starts again.

[Image: ban.jpg] 12 hour ban given.

Other: (Optional) The reason I'm putting in this request is that I think he should get much longer. He had no intention of stopping. Momma may have more evidence from before I got on. 

[Donor]*DEAD* Silverwolf9k: 'pixies pickle'
[Member]Epicpotato421: pixie how big is ur pickle
[Moderator]*DEAD* Lt_Deathstar: owo
[Donor]*DEAD* augmENTreality2: king size
[Image: 5a5bec1b162f9c5913f73c4f6cbfb04b.png]
This is my screen shot.  I am trying to upload a video which may take a while Sad

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Player is banned
I may look calm but in my mind I just killed you three times

#SMOL SQUAD 2016-forever

Nicol Bolas

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