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Voice Chat Battery
Cool idea, but putting this into a game mode that requires (more or less) communication between multiple people is a bad idea. 

The only game mode it wouldn't directly affect is Death Run. 

There's a reason that donor's and staff have the gag function, and every user can mute individual people. 

Adding the battery to the server, I personally feel like it would do more damage than it would help.

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It would absolutely do more damage than good. It is now, and for a minute has been, common to allow players to speak on just about whatever they want if it’s not against certain rules for as long as they want. Staff are supposed to limit conversations that take away from gameplay, even if it’s not anything “bad”. As soon as callouts are being stepped on or the general noise level is too loud, staff should be stepping in to lower the noise level.
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The gag command exists for a reason, if the noise level is getting to a point where it is interfering with the ability to play the game than staff need to address that, not put in a battery that also interferes with playing the game. Perhaps the problem is too much leniency, if people are interfering with the game, put an end to it.
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The gag command absolutely exists for a reason but on that same coin, mic spam is on the lower tier of priority on the list of things to handle on server. I don't see a problem with putting it up if it can be customized to suit our roles so that staff, donors, and regulars have unlimited. Honestly, I wouldn't mind having this thing for PH. It would cut down on random mic spam from people who just join to mic spam when no staff are on and such.

Just giving it a trial wouldn't hurt.

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This has been suggested (and shot down) numerous times and for the same reasons.
I don't think mic battery is a good idea because it punishes players who are not a part of the problem.
Just gag the loud people because, y'know that's considered mic spam.

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