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ban appeal
Ingame Name: Captain Price WoGs 

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:88352408

Who Banned You: City

Reason For Ban: Trolling and mic spamming

Length of Ban: 1 day

Reason for Admins to Unban: I do not troll or mic spam i wasnt even holding my mic down you can ask everyone on. I was just explaining what was racist and what wasnt i even posted the rule in it and i just said cracker and i get muted for that and gagged so idk how thats racist when im white 

Have you been banned before (Link relevant threads): no

Other: dont question the pic

[Image: iOq71ag.jpg]

Also, your ethnicity has no weight on what slurs can be used. No one is allowed to use slurs, no matter what slur it is, regardless of the color of their skin.

UwU I got banned by my daddies UwU

[Image: unknown.png]
[Image: unknown.png]
I was on prior to when this happened. You were egging on a troll group and kept trying to justify using the word "cracker". You were told multiple times to stop but continued to do so, leading this to mainly become a trolling ban.
We stated multiple times that your race did not matter in allowance to any exceptions on the rules and you continued to argue with staff on this. City mainly treated this as trolling.
[Image: 20191018_130512.jpg]
At the time of this response the ban only has about 1 hour left so it won't matter too much but you and a group of moat people were clearly messing around, trolling, and being annoying to the server. Other players were complaining about this behavior and you were instigating it. While you may not have been the loudest person, you kept baiting banned words the most frequently. I was getting to one of the roots of the problem with this ban. It worked too, as the rest of the moat group either left or was quiet.
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