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someone else got me banned. can i please talk to someone about it?
[color=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.6)]Ryuji Sakamoto[/color]
Reason for getting banned was evading. I honestly did not know what was going on until i decided to join the discord to ask around. Apparently someone else by the name of 'friendly' said some stuff, i have know idea what, and mentioning my profile claiming that i that its his. Hes been calling me his "alt" in the discord and i have no idea what he means by that. I'm not gonna beg to get unbanned, i just don't understand how your staff can believe someone claiming to be someone he's not. I'd really appreciate if someone got back to me about this. Its very unfair that i got banned from the only server i ever play on by some bs i did not even know about
Honestly i feel like we jumped the gun on this one. For that i would like to offer a sincere apology +1 for unban
[Image: giphy.gif]
I am dearly sorry about the situation and it is being invested as we speak 
Also I had quite a chat with Another player who is also named Ryuji Sakamoto with a different profile pic
about the situation as well which was quite an experience.
I, myself with +1 for your unban
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[Image: E8vMB4.gif]

+1, alting is extremely hard to prove, and should not be banned for in the case where there is not irrefutable evidence.
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1+ Ryuji made a mistake everyone does Tongue
Free my guy
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TTT ScumLord
Thank you everyone. I really appreciate the support!
You have been unbanned.

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