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TTT Player Model Update 7/20 - SpookyBrr - 07-20-2021

Hi Y'all. Yes, we are removing the broken player models. There ya go.

(More detailed answer)
Recently, we have had a wide-scale issue with a few player models on the server and we have come up with our solution to the issue. We are removing the models. The models that are planned on being removed permanently include:


Players who still currently own these models will be reimbursed for their purchase of the item. As of now though, these models are prohibited from being used in-game. Dink has made a system where all players who own the model will be reimbursed upon login after verifying the instance of the model being in your inventory. There will be no need to provide proof of having said model.

We apologize for the delay in handling this request as there are plenty of factors that have gone into getting this setup. Since we are removing a large number of models, battons and I are working together to bring 4-5 new models to the server. We will be opening the Test Server this week to try out the said models in regular gameplay to ensure there are no issues with hitboxes or "Spaghetti Legs". 

Thank y'all for playing on our server <3