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RE: Application to help the team - THTElite - 05-01-2022

Good Morning Everyone,

Thank everyone that posted their opinions and accurate statements on the matter. I have been thinking about all of this since the start of my application. I do in fact agree that there is more that I can learn by looking at more ban requests via the thread as well as seeing how things are handled in game. I do need to be more active in discord and here as well. Hopefully I can ask you all more questions when situations arise and go from there. Thank you

(04-28-2022, 11:04 PM)BIIG_SAD Wrote: As someone who has interacted with THTElite, and someone who has played with mr. Elite, I think I can only vote as such.

While personable and reasonable (to my knowledge), reports of ghosting/hacking are (to my knowledge) not reported from Elite.

If Elite starts to make some banning requests (see: ghosting), I think it would be fair to +1, as he would meet what he needs to be a trusted.

+0/+1; keep up the good work, make some requests, and hopefully, we will be working together in the near future.

Good Morning Everyone,

Thank you all for your opinions and accurate statements on this matter. I have thought about these since applying. I definitely do need to learn more by reviewing ban requests and in game situations. Hopefully be able to ask more questions during an actual situation to get a better grip on it. I also think that i do need to be more active here and discord. Hopefully i can learn efficiently and go from there. Thank you.

RE: Application to help the team - Damien - 05-01-2022

Hopping across the pond to comment here, but honestly I think you guys should give it to him. It seems like he's really eager to join and as far as I know (which is very little) it sounds like he's a very mature person to have on the team. Plus, trusted IS a trial role, so if he fucks up give him strikes/demote him.

RE: Application to help the team - Nullify - 05-01-2022

I do believe you have some potential to become a staff member. You do help with other people that needed help. Although, no ban request doesn't essentially need to be a requirement to become Trusted, but it does show you willing to help out a bit more. You should also be a bit more communitive on the forums/Discord to let people get to know you better. Wouldn't hurt for him to be in the staff team.

RE: Application to help the team - [pink] Pixie Soldier - 05-02-2022

Thank you so much for your interest in becoming part of our staffing team. You have shown potential, consistency and have great play time (shown below).
[Image: unknown.png]

To my knowledge there has been no concerns about your behaviour on server or any rule breaking. I'd like to give you a few weeks to get more involved in the Discord/Fourm, reporting back server issues and rule breaking, also just generally being involved in the community. As this is part of the staff role as well as server time. 

For now this application is Denied. Please re-apply from 2nd June.