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Since people keep spamming my voice clips.
(09-12-2020, 08:52 AM)Dad Wrote: Wasn't there a similiar incident with Saitama propkill sound clip?

I don't remember him calling out to stop using it?
[Image: 0e7d9b52b0a8da003d3bf791934a67c3.gif]

[Image: ngt65CF.gif]

If you're out of the loop, I'm responsible for a lot (if not all) of the audio edits being referenced here. Most of it was designed as one-shot in jokes that other people were a part of, have a good laugh at, and move on. But, as is often forgotten, punching down on others without their consent is not okay.

I apologized to Jesse over DM and I'd like to do it again here. Things definitely got out of hand, and I take full responsibility for perpetuating this shit and causing a single person to be the target for more unnecessary stress and vitriol. Jesse is already a punching bag for Guests, and I think leading by example in being a decent human being to one of the most passionate members of this community could go a long way.

Make no mistake, these edits have spread pretty wide throughout the community, so I'd like to ask my fellow apes and everyone else (politely!) to stop queueing & micspamming them. Besides the fact that jokes at other people's expense aren't okay, they're pretty overdone at this point. I know asking the Gmod community to stop perpetuating harmful behavior is a tall order, but please work with me here.

People trying to weirdly justify it need to not. It doesn't matter what other issues there are, it doesn't matter if you are personally doing it in a reasonable way and think people around you are, some people do it maliciously, so it all has to go away. Negativity directed towards Jesse is just shit, the kid loves this server and y'all try to shit on that. Which more or less makes you the problem, so you should probably find somewhere that he doesn't play if it's such an issue. Being toxic towards toxic people is one thing, but my man's is a wholesome lad. So kindly fuck off.

[Image: njeqheqr.png]
-courtesy of a sarcastic fish

I realize that I am the main abuser of these voice clips and am deeply sorry. I am also glad you made this post to make most of us aware of your feelings on the clips. Effective immediately I will remove all clips from my soundboard and stop using them not only in dinks, but anywhere. Hopefully I can lead by example to stop, or at the bare minimum reduce the use of the clips.

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