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Racist Togit
Offender's Name: [rainbow][Image: ba431d6ffa85449aca277d36b401519e.svg]✪ The Togit 

Offender's SteamID: STEAM_0:0:459769884

Potential Witnesses: @Penguinslayer4 @"gebriel ❥" 

Reason to Ban: Slurs/Racism

Other: He was gagged for Mic Spam prior to this outburst
+1 I saw this happening, mans didn't listen
"Geb is as innocent as a Grim Reaper... Just without a sharp stick." 
    [Image: newsig.gif]
[Image: 9fGlyRBk.gif]
[gBan] Penguinslayer4 has banned [rainbow]?✪ The Togit - Duration: Indefinitely! (Racism in every sentence - Ban Request)

Thanks for the report

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