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PH News Bulletin 8/1/20
Another month has gone by in this interesting year to say the least. Here are updates of everything that has taken place on the PH side of things. Not many changes have occurred this month but that isn't a bad thing.

Shout to @unfortunatepossum for being Staff Member of the Month, it is well-deserved.

PH added a new role in the Staff Discord called Staff Trainers. The tile explains the role pretty well. It is mainly aimed for staff who become staff for the first time to hopefully have it so that they aren't just thrown into situations that they don't know how to handle. This could be applied to other roles, but is mainly aimed for individuals who have not staffed before. Since this is a new role I only selected two staff members for the role that are well known in the community and have shown to be capable of staffing throughout their tenure here. Those two are @[Yellow] Travis1421 and Starling.

Illegal spots list and staff list were updated per usual. As spots are always being discussed.

@[Yellow] Travis1421 was promoted to Test Mod and Aki was promoted to Trusted.

@Alora resigned from PH and every other role she had Dink's she was given Donor+

That is all I have from July updates. Thank you to the staff team and community for sticking around.
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