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PH - The Shop or Crates Glitched and You Lost Your Stuff
If you are here, the shop or the crates have glitched and you lost your item(s). Please do not panic, everything will be fine. Please provide the following information and an admin will get your item(s) back to you ASAP. Please make sure that your item(s) were not removed from the server before posting.

Steam Name:

Steam ID:

Items/Crates/$$$ Lost:

Other: Additional items or information can be placed here. A screenshot of the console when you lost the item or the glitch happens would also be nice in case it is a server error that would need to be fixed by the Owner.

Please be patient after submitting a request as only admins can truly give back your items, and there are limited admins. They will let you know here by replying to your comment. Do NOT try to lie and get away with getting more items. If this is found out, you will receive a warning. Do it again, and your inventory will be completely cleared out.

Thank you for your time and an admin will help you as soon as they can. Technically other staff could help, but they would be losing items from their own inventory or sacrificing their own points.
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PH - The Shop or Crates Glitched and You Lost Your Stuff - by TheUltraFish - 04-21-2021, 07:07 PM

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