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Looking For Community Input - Night Mode
I know you have been a good help with TTT and throughout the community and you seem to be approachable by many. Having an admin around to break an inevitable tie would probably be nice as well as the additional perspective. One major item of concern I have with you is privacy. Specifically, the privacy of personal information. Any time that the suggestion of personal information possibly being revealed, even if completely bogus, you react. This reaction is not positive and makes the situation worse because you freak out, in my opinion. I know personal life is important and I am happy that you are want to protect other people's privacy but you need to make sure to be a solution to the problem, not a chaotic reaction.

As an admin, you will have to deal with individuals personal information on the regular. People will come to you with private information, concerns of personal information possibly being made public, incredibly sensitive information about themselves and others in the community, and other important topics. You need to be able to keep a cool head and be able to make the correct decision after gathering information or on the fly. People need to be assured that you will remain calm and react constructively with this information.

This is the only concern I have with you and I tried to explain it thoroughly. Everything else I have seen, read, or heard seems to be positive and correct. Best of luck to you.
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