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Donor Rules and Guidelines
Donors receive an extra vote on all end round map votes!

Donor Voting Guidelines
  • 1 vote per map per player (this is for joke, fake, or meme votes)
  • Votes can not interfere with, ghost, or meta the game. Try to make your votes on round end so it doesn't interfere with play.

    *If guidelines are not followed and power is abused donor rank may be stripped and your money WILL NOT be refunded to you.*

    To report donor abuse please provide an account of the incident as well as screenshots or video footage and post it in the Donor Report Forum.


    Disciplinary Commands: 
    • These powers should only be used if
      • The target is someone you know and is in on the joke. You will be punished if they do not want to be a target.
      • There is a legitimate reason to use your powers (ex. All staff are alive while someone is screaming in spectator)
    • !gag - !gag <player name> 
      • mutes the players microphone
      • !ungag to remove
    • !mute - !mute <playername>
      • stops player from typing in chat (does not affect radio binds or asay/psay)
      • !unmute to remove
    • !kick- !kick <playername> <reason>
      Don't kick people unless they are MassRDMing. or they are consistently RDMing.
      • kicks player from server
  • Utility Commands:
    • Used for game function
    • !vote - !vote <vote name/question><option 1><option 2> etc
      • starts a server vote
      • see Guidelines above
    Fun Commands: 
    • !queue
      • queues a song for the end of the round
      • must have a url that ends in .mp3
      • DO NOT queue songs that are too loud, overly racist, bigotrist, or play any +18 plus content (ie: moaning, audio from porn, etc...)
    To run a command on yourself either type !command <fullname> or command ^
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