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Offical Taunt Suggestions Thread
For anyone making any new taunt suggestion, plz have a .mp3 file of it ready so it can be used as suggestion and be added to the taunt menu easily so it would not be a hassle to find the clip that could be deleted by Youtube copyright or owner of video removing it, and the time stamp of the length of the taunt.

Pls take into reconsideration and we may have a vote on them faster to get them on the server
[Image: giphy.gif]

[Image: YWj4Wn.gif]
new taunt suggestion: puddi puddi song from the gigapuddi pudding commercial

clip like the last 10 seconds and, voila, a taunt to give a way your spot!
Hey guys, I love taunting as a prop for fun and sometimes to help hunters when I have an OP spot, 
I have noticed we have Windows Login & Windows Shutdown, I think that the Windows Error sound effect would be a great addition to the prop taunts. In the two links below you will find a single error effect and multiple effect which I believe comes from a meme.
Thank you for taking the time to read my threat and have a good day ! Smile

Name of Taunt Track (Can be a custom name): Windows Error
Origin: Windows XP
Editor/Creator (Insert your Username): [test]Jonnyattu
Type of submission: Prop Taunt 

Single Error Effect

Multiple Error Effect
Any If The Emperor Had A Text-To-Speech Device (RIP) fans here?

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