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OOF SPOOKY'S Trusted Application
-1 for what most people have stated before me

You've had some trouble with rulebreaking and just being a troll.

Like playing with you but you wouldn't be a great fit for being a staff member.
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Neutral. But I gotta say, the reasons you put make it sounds like you're saying the current staff team is doing favoritism. You're just slapping the team in the face for your reason to apply.
If you never seen me before, then ignore me. Just focus on your job.
If you need to know why I'm here when I don't play the server, just ask.
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alrighty ive tried my best to help you man, ive sent you all the proper forms and crap too. However, what everyone else has been saying is correct. If i'm remembering correctly you just decided to do this while on server today, and asked me where to do it. However, also today have been a multitude of you and other people just false kosing each other. Theres barely been any effort in this application, and you've barely been back except for a week the last 30 days.

Its a -1 from me chief.
[Image: Screenshot_105.png]
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UwU Whats this sisters its a trappy wappy Hims a bads man and should gett the goods funishments for twicking the gemer gurls and bois pwease daddy mod pwease dont wet dis injustice continue on dis ser ver
-1 just now u false kosed me then false reported me for me defending myself and then when i reported u started harassing me big yikes
This application has been denied.

Your lack of effort in this application, failure to respond to the trusted scenario questions, and how you present yourself on server all impacted the decision to deny this application. Harassment/trolling people on the server are not something we want to see from a person applying for staff.

Feel free to reapply 3/15/2020.
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