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Proper's Appeal #3
Discord Name: Proper

Discord ID: Proper#8300

Who Banned You: @"TheUltraFish" 

Reason For Ban: Posting an offensive emote after repeated warnings; general toxicity

Length of Ban: Permanent

Reason for Admins to Unban: Like in my previous appeals (I won't repeat myself just for the sake of being brief and also because nothing I've said in previous appeals is any different anyway), I am still apologetic for my wrongdoings. I acknowledge that no matter what my intent was, I still caused harm and should know better. It's been about 3 months since my ban and I've had plenty of time to consider my future here, as well as the reputation I've built for myself & how I present myself to the community. I believe that it's been enough time for me to have realistically made changes about my thinking, my behavior, and myself in general to not fuck up another chance at being apart of the Discord community.
I think a good point of evidence to this change would be my posting history. I've been (hopefully) constructive in my posts, and I hope that this may help to provide some faith in the deciding admins/players who read this. I would just like to be able to chill in the community discord and pop in to talk every once in a while. I understand that another instance of toxicity, no matter how severe or subtle it may be, will result in another permanent ban - rightfully so. Thanks for reading and please let me know if you need me to answer any questions.

Have you been banned before(any of our platforms & Link relevant threads): Linking previous appeals for the same Discord ban:

I have been previously banned on TTT for a similar offense, although this was a while ago.

Other: I am nice I promise
+1 Only road to redemption is through forgiveness. I don't know you personally or have I actually spoken/played with you. But everyone deserves a chance to redeem themselves and show positive qualities. We can all better ourselves if we truely want too Smile
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+1 third time the charm maybe? Literally don't see harm in unbanning Proper if she causes a ruckus again its a ez fix
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I am neither in favor nor opposed to you being unbanned. 

That being said, there's no way to know for certain if you've actually changed or not without being unbanning.
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+1 Its been enough time and you seem genuine
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1+ dont know if you have changed  so I hope my vote wont back fire. Been long enough
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+1, posts on the forums plenty enough, causes no problems, and this is third appeal. If he didn't care, he wouldn't be here.
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+1 smh come on back already
+1, she's had more than enough time to understand what she did wrong and change. What's the worst that can happen, she do it again? It isn't the staff's duty to have a stick up their ass 24/7
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+1 it's been enough time for what she did

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