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J@CK XDDD for trusted part 2: the sequel
I guess I’ll finally respond since I know he’s been refreshing it and waiting since he posted. I don’t know Jack shit (haha) about how he is on the server and frankly couldn’t care to. You can’t trick me to get on. But I’ll tell you purely from my conversations and gameplay in every other game I’ve played with him that jack would be a good pick. If what you want is anti toxicity, friendly staff, and dedicated players, then I don’t know why this thread is even a consideration. He bugged the shit out of me for weeks about how he’s gonna be staff one day on here, and though I haven’t been on the server with him in a while, that seems like enough dedication to me. And all the times he’s turned down CSGO and siege for gmod, of all games.

In summation, +1 from MilkManFromMars, former TTT Admin. Current G A M E R
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+1 cant tell if he suck's untill he gets trusted and sucks, give the boy a chance to shine!!!
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just gonna give this thing a bump
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Future owner  Big Grin
+1! Knows the rules very well and I've never had any negative experiences with him.
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I support this, J@CK might have had some rough edges to st art with but i am fully confident he will make a good addition
We're just a giant ass
Cheeks are made of children
Old was just a fad
Shit on all the billions
Nice guy, seems calm and collected when hes on the server (i've never seen any of this aggression others mentioned) I've never had problems with him and he seems genuinely interested in becoming staff and helping out the server.

I give this man 5/7 cactuses.

+1 Give him a chance to prove himself.
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This application has been denied.

As stated by others in this app, you need to work on keeping a level head and toning down your aggression towards things that happen. With that being said, feel free to reapply 3/21/2020.
Noot Noot ~(^-^)~

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