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New Beginnings, and Other Bad Titles for an Admin Introduction
My gosh how time flies.. From us being Trusted buddies to me still being a test mod but you deservingly getting the covenant Administrator position. No one comes close to nicol with the time and effort he puts in to make this server the best it can be on a daily basis. I'm so happy for you Nicol and you are going to kick ASS as an admin and continue the great work you have already done here.

Congrats Nicol, you deserve it.
(02-23-2020, 04:40 PM)Nicol Bolas Wrote: One of the largest issues I’ve noticed as of late is a disconnect between Dink, Higher Staff, and the Regular players. This isn’t a new issue, nor is it an easy fix. I’ll work hard with @Avi  to look for potential fixes to this otherwise large issue. I will try my best to be as open as possible about server issues, additions, and removals.
Actually Dink man has been doing good work with murder lately and his DM's have mostly been pretty open. To tack onto this Dink knows a lot more about everything people give him credit for, especially about the community drama, to the point he and I were talking the day I was unbanned.
If you can read this you're gay.
congrats boss been waiting for it.
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Congratulations, and welcome to fuckville
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Contact at RussEfarmer#4738
First off, congrats and best of luck! Second off, you are new and the adminship is still in a tizzy so this isn't an immediate thing, but I do really hope that you becoming admin here will help things because things like this have been said for the past so many years at this point but yet to be successfully implemented. Don't feel pressured to fix it all at once immediately though, something effective would def take time
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I’m psyched to see you as admin. I remember seeing you in the beginning stages of staff so it’s cool to see the progression that’s been made. You make the community a better place and as an admin you can put more into place. Glad to see it brother.
bro what, every time i blink away from the server we gain admins like the decapitated head of a hydra. I mean congrats dude, you've wasted your life here more than a lot of people so you deserve the title
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