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[TTT] Changelogs
Summer Update!!
Happy Summer! Here are the newest changes to TTT.

New Maps
TTT Richland
TTT Complex
TTT Experimental Shapes
TTT Dolls V3
TTT Drugbust
TTT Skyscraper Final

Removed Maps
TTT ResidentEvil2
TTT Skyscraper
TTT Spacestation
TTT Port
TTT Amsterville
TTT Trainstation

New Stuff!
Model Crate 7
Jihad Crate 1
New Premium and Regular Point Models
TTT Role Counter - Shows how many players are innocent, detectives, and traitors!
Anti-Crash Addon
Updated Stuff
Queue System Error Fix
Crosshair Designer - No longer crashes new players. 
New Weapons
Grenade Launcher - (T/D item) This weapon allows you to launch grenades that explode on impact.
Updated Weapons
Holy Hand Grenade - Now blows up on grenade location instead of sound. 
Binoculars - Adds visualizer functionality and makes IDing much faster
Boogie Bomb 

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