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social isolation makes us do crazy things
I've talked with this person in Discord a fair bit back a few weeks ago, and they seems to have a knack for the PH side of things. They're good, give him a shot +1
[Image: horizontal-design-element-3.png]
NC farmer, productivity nerd, local tech handyman, antique electronics collector, meteorology hobbyist, slowly decaying
"Resigned" Prophunt Admin
Professional Prophunt nerd since August 2016
1,100 hours in Dink's PH, 3,600 hours total

Contact at RussEfarmer#4738
Hey Barton, Thanks for applying!

I've known you ever since you joined and you've always been helpful in many cases. You are always active at any given time something happens and many aren't around to deal with it right away. You have helped me deal with more than one bad mouth when it was just me on or many of us. I don't find that any of it was overstepping, because the person was breaking a mic spam rule, you acted on it and I give my thanks. Having you around on the team will increase not only our numbers but will add another person who knows the type of procedure we tackle on here. You are a good bean and keep up the good stuff. 

This may have been short, but it's a +1 from me, hope to see you around more.
[Image: 6yaEib5.jpg]
[Image: LoMemiJ.png]

+1 to a fellow cult member <3

I haven't had the pleasure of being on at the same time as you as often as I would like, but you do an excellent job maintaining a level head and ensuring that the rules are followed accordingly. Not only that, you are also a joy to play with and help make the community an enjoyable place <3
Also bumping this one as well before a decision is made. Want to make sure nothing is missed.
[Image: 64017c939475b62a042ca559d80eb3fc-png.jpg]

Make sure to make the day.
Agent Barton,

Looking at the requirement, you have completed all of them

You do help staff members from time to time and its appreciated

You don't entice trolls you help end them,

 you used admin chat when there an unusual amount of kills from users and members.

This is a no brainer answer

Results: +1

[Image: giphy.gif]

[Image: tumblr_inline_orojs3klkO1rwons5_540.gif]
+1 from your possum pal! you helped me out so much when i first started and you were always kind and helpful. you also know when to put a stop to inappropriate behaviors and trolling. when it gets hectic you remain calm and take care of the problem and get back to the fun!
Alright, despite everything that has occurred on the forums today, time for some actual staff things still need to be done.

Your staff application has been accepted! Welcome to the PH team
[Image: 64017c939475b62a042ca559d80eb3fc-png.jpg]

Make sure to make the day.

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