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Ban Appeal from AwakeSkull51
With my friends? didn't have anyone with me if i had anyone with me i would use my microphone
I'm not saying anything he did was ok because it definitely wasn't but just a reminder that relay does not show commands for evidence purposes. 

>Do not disrespect/harass staff or players.
Disrespect and harassment towards players/staff is not allowed!
Causing issues for your own entertainment and bringing up past drama is not allowed
Examples: Being rude to players because of their race, gender, age, or voice/ wording, rape jokes, and asking a player to do inappropriate things.
Disrespect/Harassment of Staff/Suicidal or Rape references
Warning 1: Verbal/Chat Notification
Punishment 1: Mute/Gag for the map
Punishment 2: Ban based on situation (24hr +)

Warning 1: Verbal/Chat Notifications
Warning 2: Mute/Gag for the round
Warning 3: Mute/Gag for the map
Punishment 1: Kick
Punishment 2: Permanent Ban

[Donor]*DEAD* Silverwolf9k: 'pixies pickle'
[Member]Epicpotato421: pixie how big is ur pickle
[Moderator]*DEAD* Lt_Deathstar: owo
[Donor]*DEAD* augmENTreality2: king size
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Also forgot to mention that i live in Europe and the time is diffrent so thats why i'm am making a ban appeal so i can play again
(04-13-2020, 09:27 AM)AwakeSkull51 Wrote: Also forgot to mention that i live in Europe and the time is diffrent so thats why i'm am making a ban appeal so i can play again

Where in Europe  are you from if that's alright
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youre better off serving the time. by the time someone who could do something sees this your time would be up for the ban anyway
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Eastern European Summer Time.
(04-12-2020, 09:54 PM)Abdel Wrote: but calling someone a simp isn't a disrespectful term xD its literally a meme word

By DEFINITION, it is pretty much an insult. It's impossible to categorize an entire word as a "meme" or "comedic" and have it apply everywhere, comedy is entirely subjective. How any joke is received is subject to how the recipient interprets that joke.
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The ban is almost up. It's better to go ahead and finish serving out the little time left on it and take it as a lesson for the time being. For staff try to be sure to record as it not only helps your case, but proves theirs wrong in situations. Recording/evidence is a must, and commands do not show in relay. It's just helpful in general. With that said I'm gunna lock this up. All sides use this to learn.
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