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[TTT] Addressing Recent Drama
Okay I'm not gonna make this super long and drawn out. You can see a majority of this drama here and here. It came to our attention around a week ago of an argument and feud between 3 of our TTT community members that had gotten to a point where it was becoming an issue outside of the server. At first I just simply warned all involved in #ttt that they need to chill out. That targeting and harassing each other for dumb in-game reasons is gonna end up nowhere good.

Well then this thread happened. You can very clearly see my "Final Warning" at the end of the thread:

[Image: saitama2.jpg]

However it became apparent only 7 hours after this warning happened that only 1 of them listened to this warning. As such, the following punishments will be administered:

@Meeemo : Surprisingly so, you are the only one who took the above warning and your personal warnings in DM to mind. While not completely innocent, as this entire fiasco could have been avoided by you not egging on and trolling further. I do believe you did the mature thing and did own up to any RDM in this thread. Any claims that you "hacked" to get private PM'd messages are completely untrue, as you indeed just got the messages from videos saitama publicly posted. However you have indeed been pushing a lot of rules with increased toxicity and trolling. Believing you're above the rules is a bad misconception and bragging about it in #ttt chat wasn't a good show of maturity I described earlier.

@Lance : You have been an issue since you recently became more than a passing player in this community. After receiving an extremely light punishment despite the evidence I had against you, you returned and with Saitama spammed the forums with the same thread and personally attacked meeemo in an attempt to get him banned. 

@"Saitama" At first you did have a valid reason to be upset, as you were indeed being propkilled. Looking into all the evidence provided by you and others however is telling a different story. A story of you getting way too upset over a video game death, sparking more and more trolls to gang up and target you. Was this okay? No. Was how you handled it okay? Not at all. I warned you that you needed to take a step back and realize how angry you're getting over a casual game. The high majority of evidence you provided was of traitors propkilling, which is 100% allowed. Instead you joined with Lance, making threads and spamming baseless accusations that had simple explanations if you would've just thought. You clearly need some time away from the server to think and learn to exercise some self-control.

Due to the current national pandemic, I've decided to be rather lenient when it comes to the length of the punishments below because I do understand quite a lot of people are stuck home, including those in this thread. This however does not excuse their actions therefore starting today:

@Lance For a combined punishment of past offenses and for the reasons above, as well as general toxicity, you are banned from the server for 3 weeks.

@"Saitama" For the reasons stated above, as well as general toxicity, you are banned from the server for 2 weeks.

@Meeemo For the reasons given, past offenses for trolling and harassment, and general toxicity, you are banned from the server for 2 weeks.

Anyone else found to be inciting, egging on, or targeting anyone involved in this fiasco will be punished. This childish argument of insults and bickering ends now. I will post this thread without closing it to allow discussion, however if it becomes too shitpost-y or argumentative/toxic, it will be closed. And no it's not because I'm trying to censor anyone, you guys know I'm against that.
4/8/20-1 year of staffing TTT
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