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DR things-to-do list
This is a list of things that are being worked on or planned to be worked on. Suggestions that are made that are good ideas I'll stick it on here. Keep an eye on this thread when you come up with suggestions as it might already be on here. There are three categories to make finding things a tad bit easier to find / more organized. Things completed before this post will be left out(see no point of adding them).  Red OR Nothing means not started, usually something that is relying on something else being completed or stated otherwise will be marked as red. Blue means that progress has been made on it, it'll clarify how close it is to being done. Green is done.


New DR rules and formatting.
Rules sent to dink, awaiting for him to take a look. New Rules is here

Create staff guidelines
Waiting for New DR rules New rules are up can work off that to make the guidelines Titan Has made one.

Create staff 3 strike policy
Waiting for New DR rules, also want to discuss something with Dink over something else that is related to this.

Update the staff list / make a brand new one
Staff list is outdated. Titan made a new one

Rewrite or tweak Staff application
There isn't any information on applying for Tmod or mod Rewrited: Here

Rewrite or tweak Ban requests

Rewite or tweak unban requests

Proper change log.
Instead of how I've been doing it (making new threads just for it). Keep it all in one place, next change log will be a proper one. This will also serve as a way of instead of waiting for changes to pile up changes made that day can be posted. It made

Recommended binds thread

New exploit mega-thread to replace the old one.
While the old one will stay up, this new one will explain what we're looking for in an exploit OR skip, and if it needs to be patched or not. Basically a checklist to see if the exploit or skip needs to be patched.

DR specific Donor Guidelines
In the works


Like Prop hunts and TTT's

Fix commands.
!discord doesn't work, !donate taking you to the wrong place. !donate takes you to the right place now, !discord works too.

Lower Runner-to-death ratio (don't need rn it's 4-5:1)
This has been fixed by limiting the amount of max deaths, there will be only 3 players on the death team

Looking into Player collision so people don't get knocked off by other players.
Somewhat fixed, item boosting and colliding with objects on the map (that isn't solid) should no longer give speed. But players still collide with each other

!ghost... all of it.
Either fixing it or completely replacing it. The current one is broken and buggy.

ULX command adjustments
For various ranks example users being able to votegag(this has been fixed) and tmods not being able to give out a day ban

Rebalance speed
Value sent to dink, awaiting for him to change it Value set to 999

Hatschat2 / different chat box
the other servers has hatschats2, DR has the default one. Looking into getting this fixed

Fix Finish scoreboards
Mostly Waiting on speed to get changed and other things Waiting to add new maps / Fix exploits with the current ones

Item Boosting fix.
As things are now I'll have to put a deny_zone (aka a zone that kills anyone) on every map because of this this will need to be looked into to be fixed. A lot of players know how to item boost, and it's not that difficult to learn it's best to fix it soon.

Look into adjusting crates (drop rates and what not)
Some crates drop way too much (like I have 6 hat crates that I can't open) may need to look into adjusting that

Vape Limitations.
Nicol said that TTT has limits on the Vape that could possibly be moved over to DR, right now we currently have a band-aid over the problem
Battons messaged me that it shouldn't be that hard to port the TTT limitation over to DR, sent dink a message about it.

Misc or uncertain additions(aka ideas that might get cut they're marked with a ?)

New Maps and player models
A new thread will be created when it is time / high demand for it. This is because maps and models can always be added so I see no reason why to keep changing it back in forth. For now our priorities are best served elsewhere for now.

Discord relay?
Really isn't needed for DR per se, but it can help under some circumstances. !discord integration was added, relay might be added in the future relay is now a thing but it's not fully functioning Discord Relay is now a thing for DR

New maps list?
Make it more organized

Something similar to Prop hunt's Illegal spot lists but with exploits.
People won't know about it till they hit the death barrier, tho this might be better off leaving unknown than underlined

T-gag / T-mute, aka timed gag / mute?
Rounds for DR tend to be much much shorter than other gamemodes, especially when the server as much less people and maps can last 5 minutes.

Adjust Sponsorship
System adjusted out of existence, it was a dumb idea

Might get scraped, but it is it's own thread separate from the three-strike policy, and is something that the other gamemodes don't have. Scraped

Fix player time tracker?
Someone suggested this in the past, however we don't know what they was talking about if someone wants to DM me on discord about this, that will be great
Thanks to Nuru showing me, I can fix players times now if they break, all you need is to show a screenshot of your time being near of what you are saying it is and I'll fix it. (mainly so I don't give someone time they haven't gotten

Smol Ban Nuru
biggest rule breaker. She's too short for large bans
The smol an frigil coffee addict
[Image: 86a906c81529bb510b2cfb0162a3035c.png] [Image: 83315f5c55d2650bb8f111e855b7c85c.png]
Changelog 9/28/2020 :

Dunno why I haven't started to do this when I've updated this a bit >.>

Added Vape limitation.

T-mods are able to T-ban
The smol an frigil coffee addict
[Image: 86a906c81529bb510b2cfb0162a3035c.png] [Image: 83315f5c55d2650bb8f111e855b7c85c.png]
Changelog 9/29/2020

Moved Vape limitation to server-side from forum-side (whoops)

Updated the status of Vape limitation.
The smol an frigil coffee addict
[Image: 86a906c81529bb510b2cfb0162a3035c.png] [Image: 83315f5c55d2650bb8f111e855b7c85c.png]
Changelog 12/27/2020

Changed formatting a bit, progress is changed from yellow to blue

Added DR specific donor guidelines

Updated Staff application to Complete

Updated Adjust sponsorship to Complete

Fixed finished scoreboards have also been added that we're working on fixing some exploits on maps

Player collision is somewhat fixed, you still collide with others but you cannot collide your hitbox with other things to gain speed. (this also affects Item boosting)
The smol an frigil coffee addict
[Image: 86a906c81529bb510b2cfb0162a3035c.png] [Image: 83315f5c55d2650bb8f111e855b7c85c.png]

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