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I taking a break for real this time
A lot of factors have led up to this. The two main ones are I have started to see the TTT server as repulsive and my old prop hunt community has come back from the dead. My problems trying to take a break the past few times was I had nothing to replace my need to get on gmod and kill things. Now I do, so I'll hopefully be back. I'll probably pop in dr every now and then, but thats all interaction I will have with this community for a bit. This is not a resignation. I'm not quite ready to leave this community for good, but we will see what the future brings.
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Good luck out there fam, I hope to see you around.
(04-24-2020, 02:43 PM)killerZoreo Wrote: I have started to see the TTT server as repulsive

Finally someone admits it ( ͡ᵔ ͜ʖ ͡ᵔ )

Jokes aside, you're one of my favorite video game nerds here. Stay safe, and have fun.
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Best of luck to you. Stay safe. Dont let the rona get you. Hope to see you soon!
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ok bye best of luck
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Sorry to hear that Zoreo.

Hope things are going well soon m8.
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(04-24-2020, 02:43 PM)killerZoreo Wrote: I have started to see the TTT server as repulsive

Welcome to the club. Too bad I can't quit with you.
Cya around brother. Staffing with you and gaming with you has always been a pleasure. I'll miss raging at you always rdming me.
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