Poll: Removal of Point shop
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Remove Point Shop
2 11.76%
Keep It
15 88.24%
Total 17 vote(s) 100%
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Removal of Point Shop
I voted for the the wrong option lol. But yes removing point shop would be a mistake because like everyone said it takes only about 3 people to fix people’s individual inventory. I would like to keep the point shop as keeping it would completely benefit us rather than fish having to worry about a way to fix everyone’s stuff. But on the other hand maybe in the future if we figure out a way to save everyone’s inventory and place it in a new point-shop files then maybe but the current time being I think we should keep it. I get it everyone hates this whole map bork crap especially us tmod and mods and admins. But like bruh it’s gonna happen lol.
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I mean what other shops can we add to all the game modes?

Pointshop2 is a useful shop it's just it has a few issues with item usage that usually goes for skins, weapons, knives, and many cosmetics. Usually, you had to switch the item you want to select and then you do it again with another item you want to equip.

I don't know if removing Pointshop2 would be a smart move. I'd say not and just wait for the developers to fix it. (Unless the developers have stopped working on it then we can maybe change the shops for all game modes)
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There is a reason the creator charged for pointshop 2. The answer is time which very few of us who do know small amounts of Lua have.
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